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Extender Instructions

Step 1:

Insert the flaccid penis through the circular opening in the Base.

Extender instructions figure 1

Make sure the "V" shape is pointing downward.


Step 2:

Slide the Cradle onto the Rods [fig. 3.] You may need to add or subtract Rods to get the length correct.

Loop the silicone Comfort Tubing around the head of the penis, and through the holes in the Cradle.


Step 3:

Gently pull the Comfort Tubing tightly around the head of the penis.

Lock the Comfort Tube in place by pressing each end into the slots on the underside of the Cradle.


Step 4:

When the LeLuv Extender is secured, you can fine-tune the tension by turning the small dials near the base.

Adjust each rod equally until the desired level of tension is reached. It should be only slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. Increase the tension as you become more comfortable with using your LeLuv Extender!