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Penis Pump 101

The hand operated vacuum pump needs to be attached to the cylinder. In our Advanced & Premium models, this is done via the Quick Release Fitting System: a female airlock attached to the cylinder and a male fitting on the hose. This system allows you to disconnect the pump from the cylinder while maintaining vacuum! Our EasyOp Kits use a standard barbed fitting system.

First, the penis should be well lubricated and then inserted into the cylinder. Upon squeezing the handle, a vacuum is created withing the cylinder - penis enlargement happens as your penis grows inside the cylinder. While overzealous pumping does carry some risks, when done carefully, it is a safe way to achieve mild penis enlargement! The most frequent problem is impatience and pumping too hard and fast, stressing the penis. Too much vacuum can cause temporary bruising, water blisters, red pinpricks etc. Therefore, proceed slowly, be patient, and increase the vacuum gradually over an extended period of time. Generally the increases in girth (width) will be larger, and longer lasting. Continued girth increase is achieved by using wider cylinders. If you're more concerned about getting increase in length, it is suggested that you use a narrow cylinder- your penis will get more of a pull in length in a long narrow cylinder than from using a wide cylinder which increases girth (width). We provide cylinders of many sizes in two lengths: 9 inch and 12 inch.


When using vacuum pumps, one should never proceed to the point where the suction causes pain nor use for more than 10 to 15 minutes continuously. Stop when the penis is only slightly larger than its normal erect size. One of the key safety features of LeLuv® Pump Kits is the included safety release purge valve that allows for a quick release of the vacuum. Any time you want to release the vacuum, you can do so with this included safety valve.

For added safety, LeLuv® recommends a Pump with a vacuum gauge.